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watercolor tutorial

These video tutorials are some of those published on my Youtube channel. The watercolor tutorials for beginners" are free, they are designed to help you get the basics in watercolor. The Playlist is updated continuously, so if you want to see the recently added content you can subscribe at the link here on the right. All the works executed in the videos are for sale, take a look at the artwork page in this site.

I am always open to answer your doubts and to give information to deepen the theme. Feel free to contact me by mail. Have a good time learning!

watercolor tutorial

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Tutorial Intermediate level in watercolor

In this video, the sixth of the series dedicated to sailing ships, a medium format watercolor is executed using all the basic techniques.

A pencil sketch is performed and then two layers of pure watercolor are executed, one to create a pale background, the second for the foreground and the subject of the scene, which is the sailor on top of frigate's mast. The figurative element is intended be there in order to create interest in the observer while maintaining an impressionist style. Back-light study is used and tonal values ​​are dosed accordingly. I show you how to use different kinds of brushes to create both details and large washes.

Sailing Ships Series - Tutorial n.6

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How to get the motion effect

A series of demonstrations are dedicated to intermediate or advanced level effects in watercolor. Among these, the motion or movement, blur, glow and back-light effect, are some of those that I can usually teach in dedicated workshops, one day each.

Here you have an example about how to obtain a motion effect that approximates as much as possible long time exposure photos. The execution is concentrated on the main subject, the little girl on the right, slightly off-center in order to create more interest in the observer, according with the two-thirds rule. Different types of brushes are used, some of them to apply the colour, another type to remove it from the paper while still moist.

How to paint a figurative watercolor

Free tutorial on figurative subject.

This execution is relatively simple because the shadow effect is minimized, so the tones are intermediate, iI mean that there is not great contrast between shadow and lights. To get a good skin like color the secret is a good balance between red, sienna and orange. [...]



Tutorials How to get started in watercolor

Episode 1: the background (wet on wet technique)

Episode 2: the foreground (wet on dry technique)

The wood executed in two washes

To train on the two main techniques in watercolour I choose a photo in which you can clearly see the distinction between background and foreground. This allows us to understand that the wet-on-wet effect gives a blurred and pale background, while the wet-on-dry effect gives us the foreground.

Watercolour supplies for beginners

Watercolor tools must be quality made. The most important thing is the paper. Please use pure cotton paper. In this video we briefly see how to get yourself oriented in the choice, also with focus on to the kind of subject you want to paint.

How to prepare paper to execute a watercolor

The technique in this video is only valid if you want to paint on medium or large format.

The professional watercolor sheet is 56 x 76 cm (22 x 30 in). A whole sheet, as well as half sheet needs to be prepared in advance, otherwise it start deforming itself thus the architecture and perspective you are painting will be distorted.

This problem does not exist for small size or for preglued blocks in which each sheet edges are attached to the sheet below, thus ensuring a good performance against deformation during washing phase. This sheet can then be easily detached at the end of the execution. These blocks are comfortable and efficient especially if you’re traveling but they are sold at higher price per square meter in comparison with the loose sheet. The choice is up to you.

More works coming soon ...