Emmanuele Cammarano Acquerellista - watercolor artist watercolor paintings - watercolorist and tutor - demo tutorial

Emmanuele Cammarano Watercolorist and Fine Arts Tutor

I am an independent italian artist, mostly self taught. Visual Arts have always been my passion.

As a child I lived in a beautiful place and I stored Beauty inside myself daily, while surfing, traveling on a boat or kayaking, during my explorations of the coast or discovering all the surrounding Nature, taking photographs. I used to live between sea and countryside. I began to study animals on my father’s books because I was irresistibly attracted by all of them.

A life abroad

Despite my artistic inclinations, I graduated in Aerospace Engineering and worked abroad for nine years. During all this time I have continued drawing spasmodically at night. At the time, it was difficult for me to match my primary work as an employee with my natural artistic inclination.

I attended evening drawing classes while working in Madrid and then basic of oil painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Como, Italy. I eventually discovered Watercolour painting in Lugano by chance, attending a course held by Department of Culture of the Canton Ticino. I have painted for a year at night, watching DVDs and YouTube videos at home. If I look at the works that I produced at the beginning they were embarrassing, but art is a slow long process of individual growth and most of the time this process is experienced alone, this is an aspect that all artists have to deal with, sooner or later.


I started thinking about watercolor because of logistical problems: at home we had that time a 3-year-old child and I couldn’t leave my paintings around. Watercolor is quick, it does not smell, it dries in few minutes and the equipment is lightweight and essential, the perfect solution for a family living in a flat. When I started using it I fell in love with it immediately!

Why do I love him so much? For many reasons: the incredible technical challenge, the continuous struggle in controlling the water and because of the spontaneity of execution it implies.

In 2014 I decide to quit mu job in order to devote himself to full-time art and I begin to be accepted into several exhibitions in Italy, France and Spain. I keep on attending watercolor courses held by greatest masters: Chien Chug Wei in 2015, Joseph Zbukvic in 2016.

Despite this initial success, due to the divorce I interrupt my artistic activity for three years, until 2019 when, during a trip in France, I meet for chance a lot of open and friendly people who believe in me, so that I find the motivation to come back painting and bet on my lifetime dream: to become a professional artist.


The works presented in this site represent a summary my recurring themes

– The sea, that represents my happy childhood in a small village on the Tyrrhenian Sea called Marina di Camerota.

– The light, particularly back-lights, reflections, sun, everything that recalls light in the most impacting and spectacular forms.

Emmanuele Cammarano Acquerellista - watercolor artist watercolor paintings - watercolorist and tutor - demo tutorial

Live and online classes

I teach watercolour technique in my own Art Studio located in Pistoia, near Florence. I’m available for personal and group classes. I also organize workshops and outdoor painting sessions.

I've always been excited by teaching painting techniques and have been working a lot lately to create an effective online connection with those who want to learn. I want to show the execution process in details, to do this I continuously strive to do more and better, I try to have the appropriate equipment and last but not least I devote a lot of time to the internet and video editing.

Emmanuele Cammarano Acquerellista - watercolor artist watercolor paintings - watercolorist and tutor - demo tutorial

Learning channel

My little life, my little personal journey, made of ups and downs, of difficulties (which mostly I avoid telling!) as well as few but immensely fulfilling artistic achievements, are just an example on how you can follow your inspirations too.

Never give up on our own dreams, it is a phrase that I always repeat to myself, because we are the only ones who know how beautiful they are.

If you are interested in learning watercolor and mastering the technique to finally express yourself as you have always dreamed, it is time to say "enough, I don't want to keep on saving my dreams in a drawer. I want to live them right now " and get to work! 

Start by clicking on Subscribe to take part into a growing community and learning together.

A demo is a source of inspiration and involvement, I know it because thanks to the demos thought by other watercolor artists around the web I found a way to master the technique and put it at disposal of my creativity. The second step is therefore to get videos consistent with your needs. This is why I publish tutorials dividing them in beginner and intermediate levels. It is up to you to decide sincerely what level you are in and what kind of problem you need to fix first..

If you want to watch the full demos that I publish from time to time, you can download them in the Shop page.

Emmanuele Cammarano Acquerellista - watercolor artist watercolor paintings - watercolorist and tutor - demo tutorial

Artistic Curriculum

I have exhibited in Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain and other countries since 2014. I trained myself especially using a bottom up approach, by going uphill progressively, by participating into the courses that were able to fill in the gaps I needed to fill in that stage. I had to carve out the spaces out from the corners of my routine and using the few money I had saved. I’ve never been sponsored neither supported. But in the end I am here, and this is my artistic endeavor until now.


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