I'm an independent italian artist, mostly self-taught. Visual Arts have always been my main interest.

Despite my artistic inclinations I took a degree in Aerospace Engineering and worked abroad for nine years. During all this time I continued spasmodically drawing at night and on weekends.

I attended evening drawing classes while working in Madrid and then basic of oil painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Como. I eventually discovered Watercolour painting in Lugano by chance, attending a course held by Department of Culture of the Canton Ticino. I have painted for a year at night, watching DVDs and YouTube videos at home.

I started thinking about watercolor because of logistical problems: at home we had that time a 3-year-old child and I couldn’t leave my paintings around. Watercolor is quick, it does not smell, it dries in few minutes and the equipment is lightweight and essential, the perfect solution for a family living in a flat. When I started using it I fell in love with it immediately!

Why do I love him so much? Well many reasons… The incredible technical challenge, the continuous struggle in controlling the water and for the spontaneity of execution.

In 2014 I decide to quit mu job in order to devote himself to full-time art and I begin to be accepted into several exhibitions in Italy, France and Spain. I keep on attending watercolor courses held by greatest masters: Chien Chug Wei in 2015, Joseph Zbukvic in 2016.

Despite this initial success, due to the divorce, I interrupt my artistic activity for three years, until 2019 when, during a trip to France, I meet for chance open and friendly people who believe in me, so that I find the motivation to come back painting and bet on my lifetime dream: Art as independent job.

The essence of my watercolour

The works presented in this site represent a summary my recurring themes

– The sea, that represents my happy childhood in a small fishing village on the Tyrrhenian Sea where he grew up.

– The Light, particularly backlights, reflections, sun, everything that recalls light in the most impacting and spectacular forms.

– Florence, the city where I experienced the period of greatest loneliness despite being, at the same time, source of inspiration.

– My daughter, who was lost due to the divorce, but who represent for me my greatest source of motivation.

Watercolour courses

I teach watercolour technique in my own Art Studio near Florence. I’m available for personal and group classes. I also organizes daily outdoor painting demos and workshops.

Work on Assignment

2016 Wedding design – Creation of original watercolour paintings for a wedding website

2016-2017 Exposition in private holiday Residence


2015 – Armajeur Silver Award

2015 – Bold Brush Online Painting Competition: Outstanding Watercolor Award

2014 – Armajeur Silver Award

2014 – Bold Brush Online Painting Competition: Outstanding Watercolor Award

2014 – Settimo Milanese (Italy) 11th Painting National Contest. – 2nd place of popular Jury.

2014 – Milano, Expo Arte Corvetto, 3rd place


2016 – Watercolor workshop held by Joseph Zbukvic, Milan

2015 – Watercolour workshop held by Chien Chung Wei, Aosta, Italy

2014 – Portrait in watercolor, course held by Paula Kopestynska, Milan

2014 – Watercolor workshop held by Keiko Tanabe, Milan

2014 – Painting School, IED Academy of Fine Arts, Como, Italy

2013 – Oil Painting course held by Fabiola Quezada, Lugano, Switzerland

2013 – Watercolour course held by Antonella Gabrielli, Lugano, Switzerland

2009 – Fine Art School, Taller de Arte Lamina, Madrid. Drawing of human figure


Italian Watercolour Association (AIA)