Emmanuele Cammarano Watercolor artist

Emmanuele Cammarano Watercolor Artist and Tutor

" I'd like to make you fall in love with the World through my art "

I am a watercolorist, but also an engineer and Tour guide. I teach drawing basics and watercolor techniques. On YouTube I weekly publish tutorials and demos. I exhibit in various Countries including France, Italy and Switzerland. In this site I present some of my latest works, I hope you like them. All the works on this site are for sale, shipment included.

Emmanuele Cammarano Acquerellista - watercolor artist watercolor paintings - watercolorist and tutor - demo tutorial
Highlighted watercolor

The dark side of Palazzo Vecchio

When I went to live in Florence I found the facade of Palazzo Vecchio very austere.
So severe and dark.

Nowadays it has become a familiar place because my job is to accompany the people inside to visit the museum and the so called "Cinquecento" room.

  • Pure watercolor
  • 140 lbs Rough paper
  • 14 x 20 in
  • SOLD
Emmanuele Cammarano Acquerellista - watercolor artist watercolor paintings - watercolorist and tutor - demo tutorial


The execution of a watercolor is a fast but intense process. All decisions must be taken while the paper is still wet. The execution time of a 35 x 50 cm watercolor "alla prima" is about one hour. Every brush strokes is decisive because watercolour is transparent. The execution must be planned in advance. The design of the composition is as important as the decision about how to build the layers.

A watercolor done in this way is impossible to be replicated exactly in the same way twice. It is such a spontaneous and unrepeatable process. That’s why there are not easy watercolor paintings to copy . Water sometimes creates unexpected effects that even amaze the performer.

In this and next videos I share with you the making of my latest performances.

If you want to see more executions go to the demo.

Ultimi acquerelli

Il traffico di Genova offre uno spunto per un interessante acqeurello in controluce. Emmanuele Cammarano watercolorist
/ /
I porti sono un luogo interessante per dipingere e le imbarcazioni fanno viaggiare subito la mente in posti esotici.
La piazza di San Lorenzo al tramonto diventa suggestiva grazie alla luce radente. Acquerello su carta grana grossa.
El faro de Peñiscola è un luogo della costa spagnola che ha visitato una mia amica e mi ha mandato una serie di foto […]
"Morceaux de toi": Acquerello figurativo eseguito su carta satinata. In stile moderno. Emmanuele Cammarano Fine Artist
Serie dedicata al mondo subacqueo. Acquerello figurativo eseguito su carta grana satinata.
/ /
Series dedicated to the world of surfing. Figurative watercolor executed on rough paper.
Isole Ebridi è un acquerello impressionista di natura nordica formato 13 x 18 cm in vendita su
/ /
Anche Cape du Couedic ha un faro che si affaccia sull'oceano. Si trova su Kangaroo Island.
/ /
Cape Willoughby ha un faro che si affaccia sull'oceano. Si trova anche questo a Kangaroo Island.
/ /
Flamingos en Colombia, acquerello piccolo formato

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